Morocco is a place which invokes strong emotions and unique sensations which capture your soul. I really love my country and my greatest desire is to be able to convey these emotions to who comes here even just once. My name is Faysal Alami Hamedane and I was educated at University of Tourism in Tangeri and I have been working as a freelance tour guide for more than 20 years and for this reason I have a lot of experience in this field. I live in Marrakech but I come from the north of the country and my family lives in Fes. I have cooperated with many different travel agencies and tour operators, above all working with Italian, French, Belgian, English and American groups as I speak Italian, French and English very fluently. My knowledge of  German is also very good. Morocco is very rich in landscapes, history and art and offers various travel opportunities, from traditional tours of the Imperial cities to excursions in the Sahara desert. I do my best to satisfy all tourists' needs and desires by organizing personalized tours making sure that every single detail is perfect. I love being with those travellers who want to experience an intense cultural exchange. A trip to Morocco with me is not only a holiday, but an intense educational experience.

My cooperator as cultural consultant is Lucia Valori who fell in love with my country after visiting Morocco some years ago participating to one of my tours and later discovering with me all Morocco’s most hidden wonderful sights.
Thanks to the experience she acquired through her cultural association in Italy, MeD-mari e deserti, Lucia does her utmost to bring closer together the Mediterranean shores offering also an intercultural and interfaith vision to travelers of Faysal Viaggi.

If your wish is not only to visit Morocco but to live a lifetime, just contact us!

NATIONAL TOUR GUIDE : LICENSE NR 776 - issued by  Moroccan Ministry of Tourism in 1995